A Passion for Engineering, Nurtured by Vascon

The general perception about engineering is that it is something very complex and difficult. But at Vascon, we take pride in being a team that takes on this complex-looking domain and creates landmarks with it. Engineering is our passion- it’s an integral part of our DNA.

Our engineering team gets involved with the process, way before the actual construction of a building begins. The first stage involves designing the structure, checking its various permutations and combinations and working on its engineering feasibility. The construction work begins only after these things are put in place perfectly.

For more than 3 decades, Vascon has been shaping modern spaces that ensure maximum comfort to its inhabitants. The planning and construction are centred around a single-minded philosophy- delivering maximum delight to every single customer of ours. Every square foot of construction utilizes only the best-in-class raw materials. In fact, over the years, Team Vascon has consolidated its reputation of pioneering the use of advanced construction technology and techniques to deliver landmarks with a solid foundation.

Vascon Engineers Ltd

A home buyer usually focuses on which colour should the wall be painted with and how to add the perfect decor to bring the walls alive. But behind the scenes, team Vascon dedicates its skill and expertise on making those walls perfect by giving enough thought to the material used for the walls, the positioning of walls for maximum space optimization and every other small detail.

The life of construction for any residential project, depends on the quality of steel, concrete, construction techniques and the curing process. Vascon has carefully perfected a construction process for homes that follows a zero-compromise policy and uses the concrete mixture and other raw materials in the ideal proportion. As a result, homes by Vascon are passed on across generations, becoming a part of their happiness and smiles.

This passion for engineering at Vascon, flows in the blood of every team member. A sizeable team sits at the back office to keep a close eye on the site work to ensure that everything is executed exactly as planned. The extensive research done by the team, reflects in the projects delivered by Vascon. In fact, every new project has something special and different, as compared to the previous project. As a result, every Vascon landmark is truly unique. Every member of team Vascon takes complete responsibility about the engineering and utmost pride in the quality of every building delivered by Vascon.

The next landmark by Vascon is taking shape at Katvi, Talegaon, by the name Goodlife. The project has planned by giving deep thought to the needs of different age groups, from a home and spaces around it. The project is a perfect confluence of comfort-centric amenities and a connectivity-driven location. Goodlife is the perfect showcase of Vascon’s 30+ years of experience and expertise in the engineering field. The promise of living a ‘Goodlife’ begins at an invaluable price of just Rs. 13.98 Lakh. Visit Vascon Goodlife at Katvi today and own your Studio, 1 or 2 BHK home right away!

Vascon GoodLife Katvi Takegaon

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