Everyone Has Their Own Superhero, We Call It Dad

‘Father’ a word that automatically makes our heart pound. A father is someone who holds your back when no one is there to show you the path! With his heroic activities, he is the one who has been solving your problems and he will keep on doing that.

He has always been there for everything. From holding your hand when you took your first step to encourage and support you when you fell down in life. From getting ice-creams and chocolates just to see you smile to scolding you to teach life lessons. From teaching you how to ride a bicycle to taking the driver’s seat in life all being in the background.

A father is a guardian angel. He is the superhero who works tirelessly to fulfill all the dreams and requirements of his children. To honor the spirit of all such fathers and to celebrate the paternal bonding, this father’s day we thank all the fathers out in the world for their commendable efforts and sacrifices.



Look at the beautiful irony of life, how the journey began from being a child waiting for his father to come home, with wide eyes stuck on the door just to see his father enter, and suddenly when the doorbell rings the suspicious yet excited face with glittery eyes just watching the door getting wide open. And of course, that giggling sound of a child after seeing his father enter is an altogether different feeling one cannot describe in words.

The time flows and the table turns, the same child grows up to be a father waiting for his children to come home safe and happy with a hope to hear that the quiet house will live again with his children’s laughter.

A father’s never-ending hope, love, care, sacrifices, efforts shouldn’t be neglected. Let’s celebrate this day as a festival and thank all the fathers out in the world.

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