Interesting facts about Windermere

  • This Lift just takes 35 seconds to get you from the ground to the top floor.
  • In case of emergency the fire fighting pump can deliver 2850 I itres of water per minute with exact same pressure on all the floors simultaneously. The fire exit staircase is also wider than the standard to allow easy evacuation in case of any emergency.
  • The water heating system installed here uses only 20% of electricity as compared to electrical geysers and is self sustainable. It delivers 1800 litres of hot water per hour.
  • We have judicial mix of more than 32,000 plants, shrubs and trees in this 5 acres of land. Some of them with the age of over 100 years
  • The murals placed in the lobby is as big as a standard 2 BHK flat.
  • Windermere has 3 tier super tight security system, which includes 150 CCTV cameras, Armed guards at the gates, Visitor Management System and multiple security checks.
  • Windermere being a IGBC Precertified project has several provisions for the differently abled like entry level ramps, audio assistance and braill buttons in lift, dedicated bigger spaces.
  • With 76 families on the 5 acre parcel, it has the lowest density in Pune.
  • That Windermere has a disabled friendly parkings, accesses and even lifts.
  • Windermere has 27 swimming pools.
  • Windermere landscape has trees imported from Australia and USA.

Exotic landscaping

  • Largest podium of 30,000 sqft with more than 32,000 trees and plants set up in the project. More than 80% of open space with unobstructed green views.
  • Windermere Exotic landscaping - BIG FICUS TREE


    Origin: Australia
    Age of this tree: 110 years old

    "This tree is a species of flowering plant, has been specially flown from Australia and is popularly known as Benjamina's Fig, Weeping Fig or simply Ficus Tree. The tree has various medicinal property and is known to help clean air pollutants."

    Windermere Exotic landscaping - BOUGAINVILLEA


    Origin: South America
    Age of this tree: 52 years old

    "This tree is flowering machine. You can't beat them for an explosion of color. This plant is grafted at multiple points to give it an exclusive shape and look. Bougainvillea is known to have various health benefits & adds greatly to the visual feel of a place."

    Windermere Exotic landscaping - WEEPING WILLOW


    Origin:Northern China
    Age of this tree: 35 years old

    "It has branches and twigs which are strongly pendulous, this grows to be a large-sized deciduous tree. The bark, leaves seeds and gum are used to cure various diseases like arthritis, inflammation, skin diseases etc."

    Windermere Exotic landscaping - YUCCA


    Origin: North & Central America
    Age of this tree: 85 years old

    "This species is notable for their rosettes of evergreen, tough, sword-shaped leaves and large terminal panicles of white or whitish flowers. Yucca offers numerous health benefits, and is often used medicinally."

    Enter the kingdom like royalty

    A 60-feet wide road, which is almost as wide as the North Main Road, allows a comfortable entry. The attention to detail can be seen even in the artisitically designed paver blocks. As you make your grand entrance, bubbler fountains, beautiful concept walls, tastefully curated artefacts and green spaces vie for your attention.

    Stallion Murals By MIGO - Windermere

    Majestic ambience that creates magic

    There is nothing insignificant about Windermere. Even the lobby is double height with magnificeint wall art and Murals.
    Strength, Power and Energy represent the greatness of a kingdom. At Windermre, we felt it approppriate to make the “Stallion” as the symbol to represent the ethos of the select people who will get to call Windermere their address.
    Mural Artist - MIGO
    Material - Wood plastic composite with patina finish

    Abstract Murals by MIGO - Windermere

    Because great art deserves great spaces

    The status and quality of the Royal Collection is evident from the Murals at Atrium with abstract geometric pattern, to lend a dimension to the composition in a Vintage and Rustic look and feel which is rare, unique and royal. The size of this one-of-a-kind mural is 12 ft x 72 ft.
    Mural Artist - MIGO
    Material - Wood plastic composite with paint finish

    Windermere Lobbies

    For those who seek the finest in living

    The lobbies have special stretch fabric lighting which is used in luxury hotels for a premium feel. Such lighting gives uniform light intensity throughout the area.

    Vascon Windermere Amenities

    This is where neighbours turn into friends.

    Summer evenings, Sunday mornings, twilight. All are best enjoyed here, the podium at Windermere.
    Every inch of these 30,000 sq.ft. is crammed with joy. Toast corn in the barbeque pit, teach your children how to frog dive in the pool, have a quite stroll with your better half. This is where you get your fill of lush green.

    Windermere Swimming Pool

    A stunning swimming pool to retreat to whenever you fancy

    Ozonated swimming pool with such grandeur that it will make you feel like living in a resort, the colour changing fibre optic lights have been specially placed to add to the magical feel at Windermere.

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