Corporate Updates 2022

Announcement under Reg 30 (LODR) -Intimation Of Extension Of Memorandum Of Understanding
Regulation 30_Credit Ratings
Announcement under Reg 30 (LODR)_Conference Call_01062021
Regulation 30_InvestorMeet-Virtual Conference
Regulation 30_Rescheduling of payment terms_30062021
Announcement under Reg 30 (LODR)_Outcome of Board Meeting_08102021
Announcement under Reg 30 (LODR)_Outcome of Board Meeting_21082021
Regulation 30_Reappointment of Independent Director_Mukesh Malhotra
Regulation 30_Reporting of Initial Disclosure_2021
Announcement under Reg 30 (LODR)_Intimation of death of Mr. V Mohan
Announcement under Reg 30 (LODR)_Outcome of Board Meeting_26112021
Regulation 30_Proceedings of AGM 28092021
Outcome of Board Meeting 14082021
Fund Raising
Announcement under Reg 30 (LODR)_Outcome of Board Meeting
Announcement under Reg 30 (LODR)_Outcome of Board Meeting_30092021
Regulation 30_Reporting of Annual Disclosure _2021

Corporate Updates 2021

Reg 30_Work Order_Rs. 37.74 crores
Newspaper Publications -Financial Results September 30, 2020
Postal Ballot Intimation
Outcome of Board Meeting-31052021
Regulation 30_Partial Resumption of Sites
Regulation 30_Conference Call_Q1 FY21
Regulation 23(9)_Disclosure of RPT as at March 31, 2020
Regulation 30_Conference Call_Q2 FY21
Cut- Off date for 35th Annual General Meeting (AGM)
Regulation 30 - Allotment of 4000000 Equity Shares
Regulation 30_Reporting Of Initial Disclosure To Be Made By An Entity Identified As A Large Corporate
Regulation 30_Newspaper Advertisement for Board Meeting Intimation_05112020
Regulation 30_Conference Call_Q4 FY20
Regulation 30_Disclosure of Impact of the CoVID-19 pandemic on the business
Regulation 30 - Newspaper Advertisement for Board Meeting Intimation_18082020
Regulation 30_Rescheduling of payment terms
Regulation 30_Outcome of Board Meeting-01052020
Newspaper Publication - Intimation of 35th Annual General Meeting
Regulation 30_Rescheduling of payment terms_30112020
35th Annual General Meeting of Vascon Engineers Limited
Postal Ballot Newspaper Publications
Regulation 30_Postal Ballot_Newspaper Clippings
Emerged as Lowest Bidder for 2 Projects
Regulation 30_Reporting Of Annual Disclosure To Be Made By An Entity Identified As A Large Corporate
Newspaper Publications -Financial Results March 31, 2021
Regulation 30_Newspaper Clippings - Notice of 35th AGM
Regulation 30_Letter of Intent amounting to Rs. 31.57 Crores
Regulation 30_Proceedings of Annual General Meeting
Outcome of Board Meeting-14072020
Regulation 44_Voting Results and Scrutinisers Report

Corporate Updates 2020

Regulation 30_Receipt of Award_04092019
Regulation 30_Merger of Promoter Group Entities
covid intimation to exchange
Newspaper Publications_Financial Results_Q2 FY 20
Regulation 30_Letter of Acceptance_ 24102019
Outcome Q3 FY 20
Regulation 30_Receipt of Award_14022020
Notice of Candidature of Office
Outcome Q2 FY 20
Announcement Under Regulation30_ Land Sale
Regulation 30_BM12082019 Newspaper Clippings
Regulation 30 - Credit Ratings 01042020
Regulation 30_Letter of Acceptance_ 01102019
Change of Name of Registrar & Share Transfer Agent
Regulation 30 Conference Call Invite Rescheduled Q3 FY20
Regulation 30 (LODR) 2015_Resignation of Statutory Auditor of Material Subsidiary of the Company.
Regulation 30_Conference Call Invite_ 01112019

Corporate Updates 2019

Regulation 30_New Work Order
Press Release 03-01-2019
Result Extract_Newspaper Clippings
New Work Order_PMC
Regulation 30_BM28052019 Newspaper Clippings
Regulation 30_Allotment of NCD's
Regulation 30- Credit Rating
Regulation 30 - Bagging of Award

Corporate Updates 2018

Outcome of Board Meeting 2018-09-17

Corporate Updates 2017

Letter_Resignation_Amit Pursuramka

Corporate Updates 2016

BSE Observation Letter
Ascent Hotels
Greystone Acquisition
NSE Observation Letter

Corporate Updates 2015

Book Closure
Notice of Candidature for appointment of Director KGK
Notice of Candidature for appointment of Director RK
Notice of Candidature for appointment of Director- VM
Record Date
Terms of Appointment of Independent Director

Corporate Updates 2014

Book Closure
Voting Results of-A-G-M