10 Simple Kitchen Organizing Ideas

The kitchen is that one part of your home which is often the most used – and the least loved. Bunch of half-filled spice jars here, and piles of mismatched containers and boxes there! Cluttered stock of dishes by the sink and bags of bread on the countertop. Kitchens can be a total mess. But don’t worry!

Here are 10 simple ideas, following which your kitchen will not only look clean but it will also be clutter-free so that you can enjoy what matters the most – the food!

  1. Use transparent containers Kitchen Decor Tips

One of the best ways to save space in your kitchen and keep it neat is to use transparent containers. Store everything from spices and baking ingredients to cereal, chips, and loose-leaf tea in glass containers. If you plan to store things like flour, sugar, and baking powder on open shelves, opt for attractive matching containers like glass jars or metal tins.

  1. Think outside the kitchen 

First Things First: Get everything that doesn’t belong in the kitchen out of there. If your countertops are constantly cluttered because they are the drop zone, take a look at organizing your entryway.

  1. Make vertical kitchen storage Kitchen Decor Tips

Take advantage of the vertical space in your kitchen. The inside of a pantry door, the sides of your cabinets, and the space above your stove are all creative kitchen organization ideas for cooking tools and cleaning supplies – without having to sacrifice any counter or drawer space. Nail plastic pencil trays and baskets to the cabinet door below your sink to store extra sponges, rolls of trash-bags, and dish soap.

  1. Water bottles in a wine rack

Instead of crowding all your reusable water bottles and everyday coffee mugs together on a shelf, use a cheap wine bottle rack to keep them organized and easy to grab.

  1. Bring the Lazy Susan back

Lazy Susans are the Little Black Dresses of Kitchens: Useful, versatile, convenient, and stylish, they can do so much more than just sit on the dining table and hold your napkins and condiments for your family dinner. Get creative and use Lazy Susans in different sizes and different areas of the kitchen. Stick a Lazy Susan in the fridge to organize beverages or little bowls of pre-chopped and prepped ingredients for dinner.

  1. Magic of Drawer DividersKitchen Decor Tips

The idea of kitchen organization seems obvious, but it makes a world of difference in your daily routine. You can buy simple wooden dividers you install yourself, or get organizing trays with separate areas for your stuff. Once you have the dividers, use them to organize items like your entire knife, silverware, or serving utensil sets.

  1. When drawers can’t, boxes can

For all those bulky items or things that don’t lay flat in a drawer, take a tip from expert organizer Marie Kondo and use shoe boxes to store them instead. You can use shoe boxes to store rolled-up dish towels, container lids, or measuring cups. If you have shallow drawers, no worries – you can always put boxes of specific items on your cabinet shelves for easy access. Just be sure to label them clearly so you can grab what you’re looking for in an instant.

  1. Use tension rods to reduce tension from your cabinets

Keep your kitchen sink cabinet neat with the help of a simple tension rod. Install one near the top of your cabinet and use it to hang bottles of Colin, granite cleaner, and disinfectant.

  1. Embrace baskets for food storage Kitchen Decor Tips

Keeping your pantry and food cabinet organized isn’t just great for aesthetic purposes, but knowing where everything is will make it easier to cook often and choose healthy snacks. Buy sets of matching wire baskets to clear plastic bins in different sizes for storing all your food items. Organize your food by type so you have separate baskets for your bread products, baking goods, canned soups, and snacks, for example.

  1. Kitchen shelf organizers 

Metal shelf organizers are designed to fit perfectly inside your shelves and sit neatly on little gliding grooves so you can slide them out like your very own makeshift drawers. No tears of frustration necessary.

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