5 Tips To Choose The Right Property Developer

A home is something most of us purchase once in a lifetime. In addition to the emotional quotient and the dreams attached to it, owning a home also brings with it a big financial commitment that needs a lot of planning. When so much is at stake, then it becomes extremely important for every home buyer to ensure that he or she has chosen the right real estate developer; even before choosing the project. Here are a few guidelines to make sure that you choose the right developer for your dream home.Choose The Right Property Developer

  1. Know the developer

The first step is to know the reputation of the developer. You should check out the background of the developer by visiting their website, reading through their company profile, paying a visit to their project sites and getting in touch with the developer’s existing customers. Make sure you keep an eye on any inconsistent information, coming from the developer.

  1. Developer’s track record

Once you have fairly established the corporate profile of the developer, it’s time to dig the numbers. Find out which projects have the developer delivered and whether they were delivered in the promised time frame. Also, check out the ongoing projects and if they are staying true to the timelines.Choose The Right Property Developer

  1. Construction quality

If you are convinced that the developer has a good reputation and delivers projects in a timely manner, it’s time to shift your attention to the quality of construction. Get a hold of the material used by the developer for construction, the different fittings promised, project planning etc. It is advisable to see if the developer has received any quality certifications. At Vascon, the quality of construction materials is par excellence, which has been its biggest differentiator, over the years.

  1. Financial and industry credentials

Recently, there have been instances of developers not being able to deliver the projects due to lack of sufficient funds. To avoid inconvenience in the future, go through business reports or talk to banks and understand the financial health of the developer. Incorporate the profiles of other partners, in case the project is a joint venture. A few reputed industry awards also point towards reputable credentials of the developer.Choose The Right Property Developer

  1. Be thorough with the documents

If a developer has scored satisfactorily on all the above indicators, it seems that your choice of developer is correct. Yet, there’s one more final check. Once you finalise the developer, make sure you know everything about the project you wish to buy a home in. From a clear title of the land to all the necessary RERA approvals and a blueprint of the construction plan, make sure you see and verify everything before finalising a deal.

Your biggest dream for your family – a happy and prosperous home – is a decision that you shouldn’t take lightly or in haste. At Vascon, we give all the assurance to our home buyers- through our rich legacy, exceptional track record, strong financial planning, expert project planning and renowned industry accolades, about our commitment to quality delivery.

In its 30 years long journey, Vascon has completed over 200 contracted projects across 50 million sq. ft. at India’s most popular and preferred urban destinations like Pune, Mumbai, Delhi, Gurugram, Ahmedabad and many others. Each landmark delivered by Vascon goes beyond sheer excellence and is renowned for its quality in various segments of real estate. This includes Residential, Commercial & IT, Industrial, Institutional, Healthcare and Hospitality to name a few.

At the same time, projects by Vascon have always been delivered on or before the promised time, which has ensured a hassle-free experience for the home buyers and other stakeholders. This excellence and commitment has been acknowledged and rewarded by many leading industry names like Realty Plus, Zee Business, CREDAI, World HRD Congress, Builders’ Association of India, Asian Real Estate Excellence and more.

So, when you think of buying your dream home, make sure you know everything that you should know, before trusting a developer with your dream home.

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