5 Tips to Help You Build Your Own ‘Garden of Eden’

“…Plants do not grow merely to satisfy ambitions or to fulfill good intentions. They thrive because someone expended effort on them.”- Liberty Hyde Bailey

Every home needs a space with some greenery in it. It is the one place where you can bring some of the outdoors home. Not only does it require constant patience and dedication, it also demands your whole-hearted attention.  A Dutch study suggests that gardening may help one cope with stress and anxiety of everyday life, by raising your cortisol levels. Tending to a big enough garden can also provide one with a moderate intensity workout, thus reducing the risk of heart disease. With so many heart and health benefits, gardening might just be the best thing to brighten up your life.

  1. Choose your spaces carefully:

While starting out with your own patch of green, make sure that you start off in an are which gets at least 6 hours of direct sunlight. Plants need the sun to grow and in absence of proper and direct sunlight, they might start to wither or get infected with moss and dust.Garden Decor Tips

  1. Think about Vertical Gardening: 

If you are pressed for space in an apartment or a flat, don’t worry.  Utilize the vertical space and think about a vertical garden. It instantly brightens up space. Due to the efficient utilisation of space, you can rest easy as your garden flourishes.Garden Decor Tips

  1. Make a schedule, stick to it:

 Growing a garden is not an easy task. When you start out initially, make a schedule for watering, maintenance, and weeding. Make sure you stick to it! Also, choose and segregate plants according to the water content that they need. Overwatering or underwatering may also kill your pretty plants.Garden Decor Tips

  1. Start Small, Grow Big: 

When you initially start out, start in a small patch. Make it grow, flourish, flower, and explore options to diversify. Once you gain enough confidence, slowly increase the area and then increase the gardening space.

  1. Try drip irrigation systems:

 To save and conserve water, try to employ a drip irrigation system with a single inlet and multiple outlets. However, this system only works if you have plants that need the same amount of water each day. Using drip irrigation also reduces your work and makes maintaining a garden a little simpler.




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