An Empty Wall Is Full Of Possibilities

It’s time to give your home a makeover. Brighten up your house and decorate it with the most enchanting home decor ideas. From photographs to mirrors; paintings to textures, we’ve found the quirkiest combination to redecorate your walls and stock your shelves for years to come. Let’s have a look at few wall decorating ideas that can add a little flavour to your vanilla wall.

wall decor tips

  1. Wall of memories

A blank wall in the passageway or along the staircase can become interesting with the addition of some beautiful family pictures in simple frames. Browse through your collection of photographs or your favourite moments – vacations or life events – and can display them to create unique wall decor in your house.

  1. Wallpaper

Wallpaper is perhaps the most common among living room wall decor ideas. It works irrespective of the size of the house and can add style to even the tiniest apartment. It’s easy to install and can be replaced when you want a change.

  1. A Gallery

Nothing brings life to a wall more than a collection of art and artefacts. whether it’s a collection of posters, photographs, paintings or crockery, this is an idea that works well, especially as large wall decor.

  1. A beautiful landscape

Bedrooms need to be soothing so that it allows you to relax within. Among the best wall decor ideas for bedrooms is installing a wallpaper with a beautiful scenery to create a calm ambience in the room. It can work just as well in living rooms or dining areas.

  1. Hand painted images

For kid’s bedrooms among the cheap wall decor ideas, DIY solutions such as hand painted motifs or stencils of cartoon characters or animals are a great idea for adding a fun touch to the space. wall decor tips

  1. Texture

Adding texture to the walls can bring a 3D effect to the room. A large pictorial sculpture mounted on the wall of a living room can create a stunning feature in the house. wall decor tips

  1. Mirrors

Mirrors are a great solution for wall decor in any room, especially one that is small or dark as it reflects light and space to make the areas appear brighter and larger. wall decor tips

  1. Inspiring quotes

Making a statement in your house is another idea for unique wall decor. All you need to do is paste or paint your favourite quote on the wall to inspire everyone who reads it.

  1. Shelves

Display shelves are another effective resource for adding interest to blank walls. They can be used to store books and decor accessories to add personality to the room.

  1. Stone cladding

Another idea for adding texture to living or dining room wall decor is to clad a section of the wall with stone tiles. It will bring a lovely natural look to the area.

Depending upon your budget, you can find hundreds of clever wall decor ideas that can add style to your home. The easiest option is to browse through your storage to discover forgotten treasures such as photographs, posters, crockery, records or even trophies that you can display on your empty wall to reflect a bit of your personality in your home.


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