Essential Tips for Living Room Décor

The living room is like the heart of your home. It’s the room where you sit and relax after a long day at work, watching some TV or laugh about old memories with your friends and family. The importance of this cannot be understated and so, it is vital that you decorate it in a way that makes it the epitome of comfort and beauty. So, here are a few essential tips for when you decide to vamp up your living room, regardless of whether you’ve been staying there for years or if you are just moving into a new home!

living room decor tipsPlanning is the key:

Have a tentative plan in mind before you take up the Herculean task of redoing the interiors of your living room. Having a theme is vital when it comes to home décor. Spend some time thinking about what kind of vibe you want to give off with your living room, whether it is warm and cosy, traditional and royal or chic and modern. It will definitely help you with the next steps of decoration- your colour scheme and furniture.

Choose your colours wisely:

The colours you choose to paint your walls with play a crucial role in the final look of the place. Building a theme is incomplete without deciding the appropriate colour scheme. With an array of options available, you can opt for a light palette or pastel shades or go for a vibrant look with brighter colours. You can also add dimensions to your living room by experimenting with different patterns and textures. Don’t be afraid to add a ‘pop’ element that attracts attention so your walls don’t fall flat. So, do your research and choose the right colour scheme for your living room. Remember to get furniture and artefacts that complement your colour scheme!

living room decor tipsVisualise your space:

Another significant step is to envision your space and figure out where and how you want to add your furniture. Key elements like positioning your seating arrangement to enable conversations, ensuring that you don’t block out natural light, buying big furniture which will make your room seem cluttered and messy, amongst others, are extremely important to take under consideration. So, before you step out for any shopping for your décor, take a good look at your living room and keep an idea as to where you want to place your things. This will eliminate your chances of buying things that you won’t be able to use because they don’t compliment the rest of the theme or because it just doesn’t fit!

Beauty with functionality:

It is very easy to get carried away with all the exquisite artefacts and furniture pieces you see at the displays of malls, that you think will look just beautiful in your living room, but you must give another second to that thought and consider the utility of it too. Opt for pieces which are not just appealing to the eye, but also have a utility value. Remember that you have to sit on that ultra-chic leather couch everyday and it might not be the most practical or comfortable seating, or the intricately made coffee table will definitely get you a lot of compliments from your friends, but won’t have enough space to hold even three cups of coffee. So, strive to strike a balance between visually appealing items and their functionality in your daily use.

living room decor tips

Personal touch is essential:

Any room in your home should be a reflection of your personality and character. It is also your home, an intimate place where you spend a lot of time, with yourself and your loved ones. So, refrain from buying everything from one store and making your living room look like a showroom, or a picture from magazines. Don’t be afraid to mix things up with your décor and think of the bigger picture. Channel your personality into it and dabble with different styles and looks. You never know, one exceptional piece might just help put your whole look together.

May it be the curtains, the carpet, the light fittings that you choose or the art you decide to hang on your wall, it is always fun to go shopping and decorating your home. A well thought out space automatically translates into well-being and happiness. So, keep these tips in mind and here’s wishing you happy decorating and happy living!





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