Fall In Love With Your Bedroom Decor Every Day, With Simple Tips

Your bedroom is your den, and your escape from the world. It is a place that you come back to and wake up in every day. Therefore, a bedroom must make you feel special, expressive, relaxed, and rejuvenated at all times. Here’s how you can make your bedroom décor amazing and something you look-up to everyday.

  1. Keep it soothing

Go for a serene pastel or monochrome palette for your bedroom. So, if your favourite colour is purple, choose lavender for your bedroom. Soothing shades like gray, lime green, as well as rich jewel-toned colours can make the ambience cosy and warm.Bedroom Decor Tips

  1. Don’t add clutter

Your bedroom should make you feel free and rejuvenated. It needs to be airy and easy to move around for you. Keep the furniture simple and elegant, no matter what the theme of your home is. A minimum of 3 feet must be kept free between the bed and the wall.  Dressers and drawers should be at least at a distance of 2 feet from your bed.

  1. Be wise with storage

Your bedroom will appear roomy and spacious only when things are kept out of sight. Have spaces designed wisely like racks and drawers to store essentials. Keep a trunk handy to store extra blankets, or pillows. Create a headboard with shelves fitted in, or have on-wall installations for books.

  1. Never ignore the ceiling

Imagine lying on the bed and staring at nothing! All you need to do is create a simple soft pattern in soothing colours on your ceiling or add a fancy chandelier that also casts a warm aura all around you. Think creative ceilings!Bedroom Decor Tips

  1. Create a private corner

When you come back at the end of the day, tired and hassled, have a quiet corner where you can rebuild your calm. It could be a recliner on a small rug where you can relax with a book and cup of coffee. Better much, build a window seat where you can enjoy looking at the greens outside!Bedroom Decor Tips

  1. Light it up

The lighting of your bedroom plays a very important role in setting its mood. You can opt for activity-oriented lighting with lamp shades for reading. Softly illuminate the walls with accent lighting to create the illusion of a larger space. During the day, pick curtains that let soft, sheer light filter in to give you the right balance of privacy and illumination.

With these simple ideas, you will cherish the atmosphere created in your bedroom. Dedicated to sleeping, relaxation, and romance, your bedroom is the most special place in the house, then why not decorate it the right way?

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