Vascon ‘Value’ Homes: A New Era in Housing

At Vascon Engineers, our commitment has always been towards achieving higher quality in all of our offerings and offer consistency in all our endeavors. Over time, Vascon has become synonymous with excellence. Over the years, we have always made a conscious attempt to get to know the people and understand their needs, desires, and motivations behind buying a home. As we continue to chart an illustrious path, our next endeavour is entering the segment of ‘Value Homes’.

Being a largely unorganised sector, the segment of value homes has always faced certain drawbacks with regards to quality, consistency, and overall approach to building homes. Vascon is poised to change exactly that with the introduction of truly equipped ‘Value’ Homes. These homes add value not only to the amount invested by the end-user but also to the offering itself. This is owing to the fact that most of these homes are located in the outskirts of the city, an area where the workforce and residents feel a true dearth of comfortable, well-equipped, and comfortable living options. In spite of being in the ‘affordable’ segment of homes, no compromises have been made in the design, offerings, and amenities. These homes are poised to redefine a paradigm shift in the sector with Vascon’s promise of consistent quality

Our legacy as an ISO 9001:2000 and ISO 14001:2004 Company, has primed us to deliver some of Pune’s and India’s most premium residential and commercial projects.

Founded in 1986, Vascon is an EPC Company. Since its inception, its contribution to the growth of infrastructure has been phenomenal! By staying committed to applying the art of value-based aesthetics into the science of construction through excellent engineering, Vascon has carved a name for itself across multiple sectors like residential, industrial, IT parks, malls & multiplexes, hospitality, community welfare centres, schools, and hospitals. Many Vascon landmarks have been awarded with national and international recognition.




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