Why Koregaon Park is The Best Place to Buy a Home?

Luxury living is an aspect of city life that has been on the rise. High-rise towers that are crafted with elite specifications, where the ultimate indulgence is guaranteed. Well, this is not what luxury living is all about. It is not just about luxurious indoors where nothing is left to the imagination. Luxury living is as much about what surrounds the home. Put simply, the location matters. Pune, the city that has witnessed an impressive rise in the number of high-end luxury projects, has some preferred locations when it comes to luxury living. But none of them can match the preferability and charm of Koregaon Park.

Yes, Koregaon Park is Pune’s best. Period. If you want to do justice to your dream of luxury living, then Koregaon Park is the place, where you need to own a home. Why? Well, read on.

  1. A laid-back neighbourhood: Gone are the days when Pune was known as the pensioner’s paradise. The city has evolved into a buzzing, bubbling destination that has a distinct youthfulness to it. Despite this, Koregaon Park has a unique ‘laidbackness’ to it. It has nurtured the old-school charm of Pune, where streets are lined with trees and there is a sense of peacefulness to the surroundings. A leisurely walk without being rushed into anything, with a green cover, is still a reality, if you own a home in Koregaon Park.Homes in Koregaon Park
  1. High livability index: While Pune city has recently been ranked no. 1 in its livability across India, Koregaon Park is probably the best ranked within Pune. The roads and the civic infrastructure are well-developed in this spick and span locality of Pune. City’s leading schools and colleges are close by, while reputed workplaces of IT and ITeS have their hubs in close vicinity of Koregaon Park. Additionally, every daily need (grocery, banking, healthcare) is addressed with multiple quality options to choose from. Homes in Koregaon Park
  1. Finest lifestyle opportunities: What’s the point of living in a location that is peaceful but far away from city’s happening lifestyle? Well, with Koregaon Park, this is not a problem, because it is the hub of Pune’s social indulgence. A plethora of new-age eateries promise a treat for food lovers from every corner of the world. At the same time, city’s prominent malls and shopping destinations are in proximity of Koregaon Park. What’s more; hotels like The Westin, Vivanta Blue Diamond and Conrad, are in Koregaon Park.Homes in Koregaon Park
  1. Cosmopolitan community: The social fabric of Koregaon Park is extremely rich and vibrant. It has a wonderful mix of people from different backgrounds, which adds a sense of warmth to the locality. It also makes sure that no one ever feels out of place and has something to look forward to and enjoy, in terms of social interactions.Homes in Koregaon Park
  1. A residential haven: With all this in and around it, Koregaon Park still has one big differentiator. It has just the right ambience and atmosphere for residential spaces to come up and deliver a living experience, which is unmatched in Pune. Windermere by Vascon is one of the most sought after addresses in Koregaon Park that defines everything that is great about this location. With many bungalows lining up the streets, the area has a sense of exclusivity to it. The new-age high-rise towers are adding a new dimension to this luxury to the luxury living at Koregaon Park.
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