An Investment in Goodlife: Worry-Free Today, Hassle-Free Tomorrow!

An investment should not be a complicated one. That’s because it is supposed to be the easiest way to ensure great returns. In today’s scenario, as the youngsters don’t have an assurance about post-retirement income, they actively look for investment options. While some place their trust in gold and banks, some choose real estate. The perceived ease of investing money in gold and banks, as compared to real estate, is the biggest reason for this. It is felt that to invest in real estate, one needs to have a good amount in their hand but this is not entirely true. A profitable decision today is to invest in a home that is affordable, but at a location that will grow in the future to make the investment invaluable GoodLife by Vascon, is coming up as one such residential project at Katvi, Talegaon close to Pune. The right price today and a location that is for sure to gain prominence in the future, makes Goodlife a great investment opportunity.

If you look at a 5-year term for investment, then the returns you get from it vary from 11% in gold, 14% in mutual funds and about 6% from fixed deposits. At the same time, if one looks to invest in Goodlife, then the returns are as high as approx 27%, considering various aspects like property appreciation at the location, PMAY subsidy and benefits in income tax etc. The amount you invest in Goodlife will have grown by 3.5 times in a period of just 5 years. For example, if you invest Rs. 100 in then you will get Rs. 350 from it at Goodlife, in 5 years. If you make the same investment in gold, mutual funds and fixed deposits, then the returns at the end of 5 years are Rs. 160, Rs. 200 and Rs. 130, respectively.

For more than 3 decades, Vascon has delivered projects of the highest quality standards. In fact, they have also built value homes, without compromising on any aspect of quality. The single-minded approach has been to ensure that every resident gets every comfort they want in the homes. As a result, the investors have always appreciated the homes delivered by Vascon.

Vascon’s latest project at Katvi, Talegaon will surely deliver a future full of great returns for the investors. Fast-growing industries and a flourishing IT hub are ensuring a balanced growth for Katvi and its neighborhood. The workforce already working at these business hubs has chosen Katvi, Talegaon as their home, and this trend will continue to grow in the future.

The wide range of amenities and excellent connectivity ensure that the lifestyle and the future, will both be perfectly balanced. Homes at Goodlife, which promise a great future and greater returns, start from Rs. 13.98 Lakh only. Visit Vascon Goodlife to choose your Studio 1 and 2 BHK Home and live a Goodlife.

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