Bappa is Coming. Is Your Home Ready to Welcome Him?

He is the most loved god who brings with him a unique sense of joy. We all fondly call him bappa and he kickstarts the auspicious festive season for all of us. With Ganesh Chaturthi approaching fast, it’s time for you to get your home ready to give Lord Ganesha the best welcome. Here are a few tips to give your home the right festive look.

Ganesh Festival Home Decor Tips

  1. Say it with rangoli: Rangoli has something truly vibrant about it. The colours and designs come together to set a wonderful tone for the festive ambience. Whether it’s at the main door or in front of the bappa, rangoli designs can really make a difference to not just the décor, but also to the overall mood. And yes, the biggest rule- make it colourful the way you want!
  1. Let there be light: The warmth and positivity that lights bring with them, is truly auspicious. From diyas and candles to LED lights, there are so many options of lights that can be used in combinations to make the space lively. What’s more; they capture the message of the festival perfectly- conquering darkness and evil with light and goodness.Ganesh Festival Home Decor Tips
  1. Happiness is flowery: There is a reason why flowers are offered to gods. Not only they work as great garlands, but their aroma and appearance give a delightful twist to the overall space. Take your pick from natural flowers and their artificial counterparts to decorate your home and bappa’s room in the best possible manner.Ganesh Festival Home Decor Tips
  1. The wall of fame: The wall that is right behind bappa’s idol is a lovely canvas for you to create something special. In fact, leaving it empty is not the greatest of ideas if you want to have a festive feel. A ‘peel-and-stick’ wallpaper to make it standout from the rest of the room, sticking colourful frills on it, adding glaze with glossy sheets or use of dupattas to decorate it; take your pick to make the wall memorable.
  1. Theme it up: In addition to these things, you can decide a theme to create décor for the This can be done through use of easily available items. You can use colourful pencils to pay tribute to the god of knowledge, arrange matkas (earthen pots) to give it a distinct rustic feel or use plants to do your bit towards an eco-friendly celebration.

As you enter the festive period, this your chance to set the tone for the upcoming festivities that will take place over the next few months. At the same time, it will let you express your creativity and enjoy the festival more, while you work with your loved ones as you arrange these decorations. Go ahead and make the most of these décor tips while your heart chants, “Ganpati Bappa Morya”!

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